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Max Hunt CC

Phone: 01509 217283

Home Address:
58 William Street
LE11 3BZ

How to contact me

If you would like to contact me to discuss any County Council or related matter you are welcome to do so by email, or by telephone at any reasonable time.


I can also be contacted by letter or at one of my surgeries.  These are notified in my newsletters.


I have long standing personal website on http://  I  also have a Facebook page called You can also follow me on twitter (!/maxhunt).


Residents consultation at Stonebow

Please also consider joining my mailing list and receiving occasional newsletters by email.  Just mail me.   Your privacy is always respected and discussions are, of course, in confidence.


I am routinely in touch with council staff serving our area and welcome the opportunity to talk to groups in my ward, or indeed to talk to you at home about any local matters.













Consulting with residents concerned about Stonebow Washlands.





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