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Phone: 01509 217283

Home Address:
58 William Street
LE11 3BZ

A Summary of my work in Loughborough NW

Local campaign issues are:

  • To protect Garendon Park as far as possible now Charnwood has approved building in the area. 
  • To keep our town of Loughborough looking good and thriving.
  • To improve care services for elderly and disabled people.
  • To effectively liaise with the university and be accessible to students within this area
  • To crack down on anti-social behaviour, including breaches of tenancy agreements
  • To address litter problems in the area, particularly around Jubilee Park and the old railway walk
  • To help local schools achieve even better results, including our special school at Ashmount, and ensure good and affordable transport.
  • To support greater use of cycling, walking and concessionary bus fares and address the town's traffic congestion.
  • To assist residents to obtain satisfactory on-street parking arrangements at home where needed.
  • To ensure air quality and oppose the incineration of waste at M1 J23 
  • To see fair play for residents and their families.

As many residents know I maintain a regular e-newsletter delivered by email to you personally and in a timely manner. Just mail and ask to be included.  I also have a website which I maintain as often as I can.


For other local news see LeicesterLive the Mercury News facility and the Loughborough Echo or tune into  BBC Radio Leicester.



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