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Student Halls in my Division

Like many students I came to Loughborough through the university. I therefore have very close links with the university, not only through my previous work in IT Services, but socially and in my daily work as a councillor.


Thanking the Rigg Rut Action Team

As the County Councillor for North West Loughborough I welcome all students to the town and particularly those in the student village whom I represent: Cayley, Elvyn Richards, Faraday, Hazelrigg-Rutland, John Phillips, Royce, Robert Bakewell, Rutherford and Telford Halls of Residence. William Morris Hall also falls into the area I cover which extends northwards across Thorpe Acre to Gorse Covert.

The latest Hall to be opened in this division is Claudia Parson Hall, the first Hall named after a woman following a campaign by myself and Borough Councillor Julie Bradshaw.  We actually proposed a local suffragette, but this was too much for the university!


I provide a unique bridge between the University and Town communities and work very hard to ensure the best possible relations. I hope you have an brilliant and successful year in every way.


Incidentally, I represent everyone fairly, regardless of politics.  Just like the Students Union, my first and last allegiance is to you.


Please don't hesitate to contact me.


Best wishes,




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