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Stonebow and Mount Grace Road

My responsibilities in Loughborough North West includes those homes to the south of the Black Brook, including Mount Grace Road and Lindisfarne Drive, and roads off.  This is the area requires special attention because it is most closely affected by any developments on the Garendon Estate whilst at the same time enjoying the open countryside it provides.


I am also concerned to protect the Stonebow Washlands public area.  There are two lakes (west of Mount Grace Road), wetlands and areas where birds can thrive - or should do if left alone.  This area needs the care of a Warden who can visit and monitor its use and condition.

Unfortunately Charnwood allowed the other open space on the estate, on Gisborough Way, to be built on rather than left as a play area.

The privately owned Garendon Estate manages surrounding land and can be contacted through Savills Lincoln Office should you have the need to do so.


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