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Council Tax Information

Council Tax contributes to the services provide by Harborough District Council, Leicestershire County Council, Leicestershire Police Authority, Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Combined Fire Authority as well as the parish and town councils. All Council Tax money is collected on behalf of all of the authorities by Harborough District Council and can be paid in a number ways. To find out methods of paying your Council Tax telephone 01858 821 234.


It is possible that you may qualify for a Council Tax rebate/benefits, for example if you are on a low income, living alone ,are over 60 , or have a spouse or partner who does not have to pay council tax . To see if you qualify for a rebate call 01858 821111.


Every year every individual authority will set out their budget for the forthcoming year and all the details are on their respective websites.  This informs your council tax.  Bills will be sent out in March of every year. 



Leicestershire County Council is not responsible for the content on this page as this lies with the individual County Councillor. In addition the County Council cannot be responsible for the content of any external websites that these pages link to.