Agenda and minutes

Leicestershire Local Access Forum - Monday, 4 July 2016 5.30 pm

Venue: Guthlaxton Committee Room, County Hall, Glenfield.

Contact: Mr. B. Holihead (Tel. 0116 305 6339)  Email:

No. Item


Welcome by Chairperson and apologies received.


The Chairman welcomed all those present and advised that apologies had been received from Paul Tame and John Law.



Minutes of the previous meeting. pdf icon PDF 128 KB


The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 27th April 2016 were taken as read, confirmed and signed.



To advise of any items which the Chairperson has agreed to take as urgent.


The Chairman agreed to take three items as urgent, two of which would be taken elsewhere on the agenda.


The Forum was advised that there had been an accident involving a horse and rider over a bridge at Newbold Verdon which had involved the fire service to remove a horse trapped on a bridge as a result of poor signage and maintenance. It was felt that this could be avoided if farmers had been paid to maintain paths such as these.


The Forum was advised that the cyclical cuts programme had been revised to focus reduced funding on those routes that most benefited the public. A current consultation paper, A Roads to Zebra Crossings would be an opportunity to raise other parties becoming involved. It was felt that the landowners would be better placed to cut the grass if they had the support from the County Council.



Declarations of interest.


The Forum received an outline of what declarations of interests were and the different types of interests used by the County Council. Those present were invited to make any declarations in respect of items on the agenda.


No declarations were received.



Reports from committees and working groups. pdf icon PDF 201 KB

a)    Planning and Travel Committee (Roy Denney).

b)    Verges Committee (Vicky Allen).

c)    Network Opportunities Committee (John Law).


Additional documents:


The Forum received updates from the committees and working groups. A copy of the reports, marked ‘Agenda Item 5’, are filed with these minutes.


Arising from discussion the following points were raised:-


  (i).        A report was circulated to members which outlined the outcomes of the Watermead Stakeholders meeting. A copy of the report is filed with these minutes. A follow-up meeting was scheduled for the 13th July which anyone was welcome to attend;


 (ii).        Due to changes in the nature of current planning applications from when the generic planning advice was first agreed by the Forum, it was felt that it would be necessary to update the generic advice. An updated version was circulated to members and is filed with these minutes;


(iii).        The Forum agreed that subject to a couple of changes, the updated planning advice was reflective of the views of the Forum and was agreed. It was felt that it would be beneficial to strengthen the remarks regarding multi-user rights of way which should be promoted as widely as possible;


(iv).        The Verges Committee had not met for some time, and it was felt that it was becoming increasingly important to arrange a meeting. Vicky Allen agreed to organise a meeting in the next ten weeks.




a)    That the updated generic planning advice be agreed;


b)    That the updates from the committees and working groups be noted.



Reports from representatives on outside bodies. pdf icon PDF 9 KB

a)    Heart of the Forest, Access and Connectivity Forum.

b)    Canals and Waterways.

c)    Parks, Open Spaces and the Countryside Group (Vicky Allen).

d)    National Forest Access & Recreation Group (Roy Denney).

e)    EMLAF Chairs meeting (Terry Kirby).

f)     Natural and Historic Environment Partnership (Roy Denney).

g)    Charnwood Forest Regional Park Steering Group (Vicky Allen).



The Forum received updates from Forum members who sat on outside bodies. A copy of the reports, marked ‘Agenda Item 6’, are filed with these minutes.


Arising from discussion the following points were raised:-


  (i).        The latest meeting with the Heart of the Forest Access and Connectivity Forum had been a positive meeting, and those present had been updated on progress with new access schemes. There was also an update on the Black to Green initiative;


 (ii).        The next EMLAF Chairs meeting was in September in Nottingham. It was suggested that signage and lost ways be discussed at the meeting to see what other Forums were doing. In addition to this it was felt that sustainable routes and diversion was an important issue due to recent flooding washing away paths and bridges;


(iii).        It was confirmed that the Natural and Historic Environment Partnership had been replaced by the Local Nature Partnership. However there were no meetings yet organised for this and there was no indication if a future meeting would be organised.




That the updates from representatives on outside bodies be noted.



Public Space Protection Orders and Officer Contact Update (Edwin McWilliam).


The Forum received a verbal update on the use of Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs). Arising from discussion the following points were raised:-


  (i).        The Forum was advised that PSPOs were used in a number of ways, and had been formed as a means for preventing anti-social behaviour;


 (ii).        In Leicestershire they had been used in a variety of ways including restrictions during certain times of the day. Generally it was accepted that the organisation requesting a PSPO would have the means of enforcing it;


(iii).        There have been some attempts to enforce district-wide PSPOs such as those related to dogs.



Unrecorded Ways.


The Forum considered the next steps for the Unrecorded Ways projects and ways in which routes could be prioritised.


It was felt that the Forum would benefit from establishing a standalone committee to look at Unrecorded Ways, which up until now had fallen under the remit of the Network Opportunities Group.


The next stages of the Unrecorded Ways project would include looking at where the networks were missing by looking at Parish maps. To do this work, the Ramblers Association had agreed to match any funding for the project, and welcomed other organisations who use rights of way to contribute to the project.


It moved by Roy Denney, and seconded by Terry Kirby, that an Unrecorded Ways Committee be established with Stan Warren as the Chairman.


The Forum unanimously agreed to establish the Unrecorded Ways Committee.




That the Unrecorded Ways Committee be established.



Items of Correspondence. pdf icon PDF 140 KB

a)    Annual Review 2015/16

b)    LAF Newsletter

c)    Response to the Rail Strategy Consultation

d)    Response to Bradgate Park Consultation

e)    Response to Ashby Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Additional documents:


The Forum considered the items of correspondence sent a received since the previous meeting.  A copy of the correspondence, marked ‘Agenda Item 9’, is filed with these minutes.




That the items of correspondence be noted.



Website and Google Group.


The Forum received a demonstration of the new Leicestershire Local Access Forum website, and was invited to submit any comments it had regarding the new website.


Members were advised that previously a more comprehensive description of members and their interests had been circulated with the hope of adding this to the website. It was hoped that this could be updated and added to the website.


Members were advised that the quality of the website generally had little effect on those joining the Forum owing to the recent expressions of interest. Large numbers of membership interest was primarily driven by active recruitment campaigns should the Forum fall below the statutory amount of ten members.




Circulation List.


The Forum considered the circulation list which had been used for some time now which alerted officers when an agenda had been published, and requested that it be forwarded to members to allow them to add interested officers to the circulation list.



Accessing old submissions.


The Forum discussed the issue of accessing previously submitted advice and responses to consultation, which at present was note available on the website. Members of the Forum suggested that officers look into ways a database of advice and statements submitted be maintained centrally.



Orders update (Edwin McWilliam). pdf icon PDF 181 KB

Additional documents:


The Forum considered the latest updates on the public path modification orders. A copy of the report, marked ‘Agenda Item 13’, is filed with these minutes.


Definitive Map Modification Orders varied in the amount of time it took to go through to the consultation process.


It was clarified that diversion of bridleway G67 in Grimston was to allow for horse paddocks.




That the orders update be noted.



Any other items which the Chairperson has decided to take as urgent.


The Forum was advised that the County Council would shortly be launching consultation on its highways maintenance which would be of significant interest to members. As the end of the consultation period was before the next meeting, it was suggested that a meeting be arranged at the end of August to discuss the consultation document and to formulate a response from the Forum.




That a meeting be arranged to consider the ‘A Roads to Zebras’ consultation.



Dates of future meetings and diary for 2017. pdf icon PDF 171 KB


The Forum considered a draft list of dates of future meetings. A copy of the list, marked ‘Agenda Item 15’, is filed with these minutes.


It was agreed that the Network Opportunities meeting in September take place on Tuesday 27th September and the meeting in February 2017 take place on Tuesday 7th February.




That the provisional future meeting dates be noted.