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Engagement on the Council's Strategic Plan.


The Committee considered a report of the Chief Executive, the purpose of which was to seek the Committee’s views on the draft Strategic Plan (2022 – 26) as part of the 12-week public consultation period which commenced on 1 November 2021. A copy of the report marked ‘Agenda Item 13’, is filed with these minutes.


Arising from discussions the following points were noted:


(i)          Whilst the Strategic Plan contained specific Strategic Outcomes relating to health and keeping people safe and well, the work of the Public Health department linked in with many more of the Outcomes in the Plan not just those which specifically referred to health. For example, Public Health would be involved in partnership working with regards to domestic abuse, substance misuse, mental health and environment and transport. Whilst the County Council could achieve some of the aims in the Strategic Plan by itself others required working with partners such as District Councils, National Highways  and the community sector.


(ii)         Some of the health related actions in the Strategic Plan would be fairly generic across County Councils however the Plan also included key aims and actions which were unique to Leicestershire.


(iii)       Concerns were raised by members that the 4 year period of the Strategic Plan was insufficient length to achieve some of the outcomes in the plan and the Council needed to plan much further ahead. In response it was explained that whilst the outcomes reflected the Council’s long-term vision and aspirations, they were accompanied by specific aims which set out how the County Council would work towards achieving the outcomes over the following 4 years.


(iv)       The actions in the Strategic Plan were not exhaustive and as the 4 years went on departments would be asked to add in more actions to achieve the aims.


(v)        In response to concerns raised that the 12-month health checks for babies did not always take place, the Director of Public Health acknowledged that conversations needed to take place between the Public Health commissioning leads and Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust to resolve these issues.


(vi)       In response to concerns that public sports facilities were not always open, it was noted that those facilities were the responsibility of District Councils, but the County Council could play a role through Active Together in encouraging the public to undertake physical activity.


(vii)      The public needed to be as well informed as possible when making decisions so they understood the consequences of certain actions.


(viii)    The Strategic Plan set a target for the amount of disadvantaged adults in Leicestershire (e.g. those with learning disabilities, autism, and/or mental health conditions) who were in paid employment and living independently to exceed the national average, however members were of the view that this target was not ambitious enough and it was therefore agreed that further consideration would be given to how the target could be more ambitious. 


(ix)       In response to a suggestion from members that other targets in the Plan should be made more specific such as by including quantitative figures it was agreed to incorporate quantitative targets where feasible.


(x)        Unpaid carers needed more help making their views known and consideration needed to be given to whether any advocacy work could be done on their behalf. In future this could be added as an additional action in the plan if it was deemed appropriate.




(a)        That the update on the work undertaken to review and refresh the Council’s Strategic Plan be noted.

(b)        That the Chief Executive be requested to give consideration to the comments now raised as part of the consultation on the Council’s Draft Strategic Plan (2022 – 2026).



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