Agenda item

Better Care Fund Plan 2023-25.


The Board considered a report of the Director of Adults and Communities, Leicestershire County Council, which provided an overview of the progress to date on the submission of the Leicestershire Better Care Fund (BCF) Plan 2023-25. A copy of the report, marked ‘Agenda Item 9’, is filed with these minutes.


Arising from discussions the following points were noted:


(i)               On 25 May 2023 a draft of the Plan was being submitted to the BCF Regional Lead and other key stakeholders for feedback. Once that feedback was received the Plan would then be submitted to the Integration Executive before submission to NHS England ahead of the 28 June 2023 deadline.


(ii)             The Plan contained metrics relating to falls in people aged 65 and over and consideration was therefore given to whether there should be further detail in the Plan about the falls prevention work which was taking place in Leicestershire. It was noted that the Narrative section of the Plan contained some information on how the target set out in the metric would be achieved however further detail was needed on the community prevention falls work taking place. It was agreed that liaison would take place with Active Together regarding this and the additional information would be included in the second draft of the Plan.


(iii)            The Narrative section of the Plan also contained details on supporting people back into living in the community after they have spent a period of time in a mental health facility. It set out what work was being carried out to ensure these people had appropriate housing.






(a)    The contents of the report be noted;


(b)    The assurance document, attached as Appendix E, that details the proposed contents of the BCF Plan return against the key lines of enquiry be noted;


(c)    The Board authorises the Chief Executive of Leicestershire County Council, following consultation with the Chairman of the Health and Wellbeing Board, to finalise the BCF Plan prior to the national deadline for submission of 28th June 2023.


(d)    The Board notes that the members of the Integration Executive will be asked to indicate their support for the BCF Plan ahead of the final submission to NHS England at its meeting of the 6th June 2023.



Supporting documents: