Register of interests

Louise Richardson CC

I Louise Richardson CC a Member/Co-opted Member of Leicestershire County Council set out below under the appropriate headings the interests which I am required to declare by law and under the Leicestershire County Council Members' Code of Conduct. I have put "none" where I have not such interests under any heading.


1. Employment, Office, Trade, Profession or Vocation - Please specify any employment, office, trade, profession or vocation carried on for profit or gain
Member: Spouse/Partner
Retired from Rushey Mead Secondary School - Business Manager (receiving LCC Pension) Member of Blaby District Council - Leader at present
Retired as Counsellor Retired from Lloyds Bank
Member of Blaby District Council -
Member of Lubbesthorpe Parish Council -
2. Sponsorship - Please specify any payment or provision of any other financial benefit (other than from the Authority) made or provided within the last 12 months in respect of any expenses you have incurred in carrying out your duties as a member, or towards your election expenses.
Member: Spouse/Partner
3. Contracts - Please specify any contract made between a relevant person (or a body in with a relevant person has a beneficial interest) and the Authority under which goods or services are to be provided or works are executed, and which has not been fully discharged.
Member: Spouse/Partner/Body:
4. Land - Please specify the address or other description of any land in which a relevant person has a beneficial interest and which is in the Authority's area (including place(s) of residence)
Member: Spouse/Partner:
21 The Pastures, Narborough, Leics, LE19 3DS Same As spouse
Beneficial Interest with Husband. 2 Pickering Close, Stoney Stanton, Leics LE9 4GN -
5. Licences - Please specify the address or other description of any land in the Authority's area which a relevant person (either alone or jointly with others) has a licence to occupy for a month or longer.
Member Spouse/Partner
6. Corporate Tenancies - Please specify any tenancy where, to your knowledge the landlord is the Authority and the tenant is a body in which a relevant person has a beneficial interest.
Member/Spouse/Partner - Name of body which is the tenant: Address or other description of the land:
Securities - Please specify any beneficial interest held by you or a relevant person in the securities of a body which (to your knowledge) has a place of business or land in the area of the Authority and either [see note for further details]
Member: Spouse/Partner:


Interests in other bodies - Please specify any membership or position of general control or management you occupy in any of the following [see note for further information] See note 8
Name of body Nature of Interest (i.e. Member, Trustee, Governor)
Tumaini Jipya-New Hope (charity no 1170122) Founder Trustee
Conservative Party and South Leicestershire Conservative Association Member
Rotary Club of Blaby Member and President for 2018 - July 2019
Lubbesthorpe Parish Council Parish Councillor
Blaby District Council District Councillor
Sacre Trustee
Health and Wellbeing Board Chairman
Gifts and Hospitality - Please specify the details of any gifts or hospitality received from any person or body with an estimated value of £50 or over which you have received within the last 12 months. [see note for further information] See note 9
Date/Offering Person/Organisation Nature of Gift/Hospitality/Accepted/Declined
The VAL Awards 2023 at Mercure Grand Hotel in Leicester. £120 for the ticket plus, including a three course meal, plus £7.50 for a glass of wine.