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Grace Dieu Priory Trust Belton


The objects for which the Trust has been established are:-


(i)            To purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire the land and buildings comprising the ruins of Grace Dieu Priory in the village of Belton in the North West District of the County of Leicestershire for such consideration and on such terms as may be agreed with the current proprietors of the site;


(ii)          To provide, establish and manage a heritage site and other facilities at Grace Dieu Priory with access for the public and to develop the site as desirable for heritage, heritage related and educational purposes;


(iii)        To repair, renovate, restore, maintain and preserve the ruins of Grace Dieu Priory and the heritage site generally;


(iv)         To establish and develop museums, displays and other exhibitions on the site and to publicise the site in whatever manner is appropriate;


(v)           To provide facilities on site for the benefit and education of the public and to make such arrangements as are necessary to enable the public to view and enjoy the site (whether free or at a charge) and;


(vi)         To make provision for and to undertake the preservation, display and interpretation of local heritage generally.

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