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Leicestershire Forum for Independent Museums


The fundamental aim of the Forum is to establish a framework whereby museums can discuss areas of mutual concern and share experiences to the benefit of all members.


Its aims and objectives are:-


(a)          To endeavour to have all museums needs within Leicestershire and Rutland properly and adequately covered.


(b)          To seek to have sufficient resources made available to those museums within the county which are either weak or remote from the large centres of population.


(c)          To seek to avoid duplication of effort, by rationalising collecting policies, encouraging the sharing of staff or otherwise.


(d)          To encourage co-operation amongst museums of different kinds e.g. local authority, voluntary and society museums.


(e)          To promote the maintenance of adequate cataloguing of collections and site recording facilities (biological, archaeological, historical, industrial etc.) within the county.


(f)            To generate and encourage new ideas in terms of interpretation of collections and communications with the public.


(g)          To offer professional and financial support to new museum developments within the county.


(h)          To advise the East Midlands Museum Service on priorities in distribution of resources, and in the encouragement of improvements in the standards of service and co-operative provision.

Contact information

Community Museums Officer

Environmental Resources Centre
216 Birstall Road
Birstall, Leicester

Phone: 0116 267 0012

Email: claire.browne@leics.gov.uk

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