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The Stepping Stones Project


The Stepping Stones project aims to:-

  • Improve access for all:
    • Initiate the development of new routes and circular paths around the Project area
    • Facilitate improvements to access routes.
    • Promote and encourage routes to be accessible to all sectors of the community
    • Promote and encourage development of new sites where there are increased opportunities for public enjoyment, appreciation and awareness of the countryside.
  • Enhance the countryside:
    • Promote and provide advice, technical support and financial assistance on countryside management and environmental improvement issues.
    • Support initiatives that encourage and promote sustainable agricultural practice within the project area.
    • Increase the area and quality of woodland cover where appropriate.
    • Support and promote opportunities for community based habitat creation and management schemes
  • Improve awareness of the countryside:
    • Encourage opportunities for training courses.
    • Develop and support opportunities for environmental education
    • Promote responsible use of the countryside
    • Raise awareness of the conflicts and pressures facing the countryside.
  • Encourage community action:
    • Encouraging positive action to protect people‚Äôs environment
    • Provide some of the resources to enable local people to plan, implement and manage projects on the ground
    • Facilitate links between the private sector and community groups.
    • Support and encourage nature conservation volunteers.


Contact information

Stepping Stones Project Manager

Environmental Action Team
Leicestershire County Council
County Hall, Glenfield

Email: andy.jackson@leics.gov.uk