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Hinckley Town Centre Partnership Limited Company


Terms of Reference


Hinckley Town Centre should provide an excellent location where businesses can flourish and all residents, visitors, shoppers and can enjoy a high quality of life and service in a clean and attractive environment, without fear of crime.  Everyone should have a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.



To facilitate partnership between businesses, local authorities, the Police and other appropriate stakeholders to work towards this Vision by:

§         Identifying priorities for improving the vitality and economic viability of Hinckley Town Centre.

§         Developing partnership projects and initiatives based on those priorities – for implementation by appropriate partner organisations.

§         Identifying funding/resources to deliver the projects and initiatives.

§         Improving partnership working on town centre issues, considering possible structures such as a Business Improvement District (BID), management company or other structure.

§         Acting as a champion and ambassador for Hinckley Town Centre.


Contact information

Senior Regeneration Officer / Major Projects

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council
Council Offices, Argents Mead
LE10 1BZ

Email: jonathan.white@hinckley-bosworth.gov.uk