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The Dixie Educational Foundation


The Trustees may apply such yearly sum as they think fit, being not more than one-third of the said net income, in providing such special benefits, of any kind or normally provided by the local education authority, for the primary school of the foundation and the secondary school now known as the Market Bosworth High School.  The Trustees may in any year make payments within the limits from time to time agreed with the Charity Commissioners to the managers of the Barlestone Church of England Primary School and to the managers of any new school of the foundation or of any new voluntary school. The residue of the said net income of the Foundation shall be applied by the Trustees for the benefit of persons of either sex who have not attained the age of 25 years, who or whose parents or guardians (save as hereinafter provided in the case of those who are kin of the founder) reside in the beneficial area or have at any time been resident in that area for a period of not less than two years, and who, in the opinion of the trustees, are in need of financial assistance. Providing financial assistance to any voluntary organisation in the beneficial area the objects which are, amongst other things, directed to advancing the education of or improving the conditions of life for children or young persons eligible as beneficiaries of the Foundation by developing their physical, mental and moral capacities through their leisure time activities.

Beneficial area means the area formerly contained in the Ancient Parish of Market Bosworth (with the former Parish of Cadeby) being the area comprising the Civil Parishes of Market Bosworth, Barlestone, Carlton, Osbaston, Shenton, Sutton Cheney and Cadeby: for further details see Clause 22 of Scheme dated 29 August 1972

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